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elizapjessep@gmail.com1:14 AM just: hey u, how much sleep did u get today?? me, from maybe noon to …


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1:14 AM just: hey u, how much sleep did u get today?? me, from maybe noon to 4pm (ugh)
44 minutes

1:59 AM just: jaime lost her cell phone in walmart today. she is extremely bummed about it. i may have to change my celll # now since mine was in it (ugh)
2:02 AM me: hey there,didnt see I had a message,never used this before,I’m becoming slow in my old age. Was just reading abit,had some sleep so am ok. I’m slow at typing so bare with me.
2:04 AM just: yep, no problem. i had no idea if u were used to gmail chat or not, most people are not. i can tell from your msgs that your brain is working just fine in your old age there, big brother 🙂
2:07 AM me: Thats to bad about the phone,man I hate when I loose things.I saw a flashing orange thing in the corner,man the the things you can do now.Its pretty damn impressive.
2:08 AM Yes my brain is still working praise God.
2:11 AM just: yeah, gotta’ pay 50 bucks for the replacement one now, at least the phone was insured. uumm, since she has been a fan of yours her entire life (she shares a birthday w/my daughter, ashleigh of april 2nd), jaime being born in 1977 tho. so, would you mind speaking to her here for a bit? i know it will mean the world to her. she will keep anything/everything private, so don’t worry about that
2:15 AM oh, btw you can push the middle button on the upper right in this box and it will make this chat screen fill up the entire computer screen & make it easier to read. i have to since i’m blind as a bat w/o glasses when it comes to reading. which drives me crazy sine i have read my entire life. sorry if i misspell stuff here. i’m too used to my cell phone correcting my mistakes when i try & type too quick, lol. i flunked typing in high school, lol
  did u read the other email replies i sent to you this morn when i was still wide awake??
2:17 AM me: Hello Jaime so you were born in 77,em that was a very good year.What was the date and month you were born.dont worry about spelling Eliza I’m not to good my self.
 just: thats funny u say that about the things that can be done now. before i knew you had made it past 1977, i often thought as i researched u (u the person, not the singer, etc), that u would absolutely love how gadgets etc had improved & expanded from 77 till today. it is pretty damn impressive
2:22 AM me: I would love to go back in time with the gadets of today,I some times day dream about it. em kinda funny but I do
2:25 AM just: just a sec, jaime had walked out of the room, she just came back & i am handing my laptop over to her now ..
2:31 AM Sorry it took me a bit to gather myself, my roller-coaster of a life derailed today when I lost my phone with very important private information inside, I don’t know what I am going to do. I have always thought of this moment and now I am stunned as to the fact I am really talking to you! I can barely see the screen because I am crying with joy & admiration! You will never be able to comprehend the impact that you have made as a human being to my family.
2:33 AM me: Honey thats so kind of you,as you know I’m kinda stuck in a limbo
2:34 AM but I cant change things, sometimes wish i could
2:35 AM just: yes 1977 was a great year we both got our lives-lol I know you can’t change things…if you could I know you would, My entire family is just so pleased that you are still alive that words cannot express1
2:36 AM me: Thank you for being such a good friend to Eliza, friendship is golden and knowing she has a friend in you,well that makes me smile.
2:38 AM just: I am so blessed that she is part of our family now & i wish you could have her near you as well, I know you always wished you had a blood sibling, family is so important, & i am glad I made you smile….you always make me smile so that’s the least I could do for you-lol
 me: Thank you that means more to me than you ever will know, You have a good family.
2:39 AM just: oh ya to answer your question my birthday is April 2nd, 1977
  we have had a lot of bad stuff happen to us but we all are trying to hold each other together
2:42 AM me: Well hell I have to say it, but Eliza sure looks like daddy,more than I do to be honest,alot of people in my circle have said same. I know times seem bad right now,but things will get better,I’m sure of it.
2:45 AM just: I feel like I am dreaming right now….sorry to embarrass you but you always have had a place in my life & our love for you is unconditional, we don’t care about the reasons that you started a NEW LIFE if that’s what you felt was best for you then we support you! Your Alive that’s what matters….like your song WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES-right, Yes Eliza does look like your daddy but so do you, we can see the parts in both of you
2:46 AM I hope that we are giving her the support that she has longed for but I hope you are getting the same support.
2:50 AM I really cannot believe how much you too are alike it’s scary, I have framed posters of you through out my house and as I see her walking past them everyday it sets us all back at the likeness that you two share, actions that she does- you did the same, your nephew Andrew is a lot like you too….& that’s a good thing, he’s quite funny in the way he acts-always smiling
 me: There are times when I would love to just get up and do certain things, but as the saying goes I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, theres so much I would like to do,but cant.Man I sure loved singing that song,has great meaning and girl u get it. I think you are truly wonderful people for supporting Eliza. Its hard to trust some people but you guys are what Iwould call Gems.
2:56 AM just: back at you! you are a true GEM to us, we always compare people to you, I always say in that regard….they don/t make them like they used to! you are just an amazing man! If there were ever a man that deserved to start his life over to get a fresh start it’s you. We could never imagine what it would have been like to live your life….people pawing at your every hair
3:00 AM trust is very hard for me after the hospital doing what they did resulting in my babies dying I don’t have it very much anymore, they straight faced lied and then deprived me of the right to bury my babies, babies deserve the right to a proper burial for God to watch over them-they are God Gift….little Angels…..with unconditional love…I cry all the time, just lost in limbo I guess
3:02 AM that’s some of the important info on my cell i was talking about
3:03 AM me: Sure got that pegged, I think my true fans know,and I know you guys know,way back were different times. It was the height of change.I got caught up in it,and almost couldnt breath sometimes,I would get panic attacts,it was to much for any human to take and I was not weak by no means,but it was to much.
3:08 AM just: you are so strong to do what you did & are doing that is a man of true strength! we just all want to give you a huge hug! things were different back then from the way they are now, and most of what we have now is because of you. THANK YOU! I know what you mean about panic attacks they are like heart attacks- they shut your entire body down
3:12 AM it hurts me deep inside when people bad mouth you about drugs etc, if only people knew what it was like to be you, having to take pills for pain, pills to wake up, pills to sleep…all just for us, you never took time to breathe for yourself and everyone always was your friend as long as you did stuff for them- I only wish that you have true friend now. Everything you did you did it for us & again Thank You!
3:14 AM me: Did you check back with the place where you last had the cell? Or am I crazy in thinking that some folk would hand it in. I Feel sad right now for your loss, They will always be with you,Man I tell ya I still feel my brothers pressence, the bond for a loved one who has passed on, never breaks and yep they are little angles.
3:21 AM just: It’s hard to be someone so big and no one ever really understood you & your true needs, I really hope that you have enjoyed the last 32 yrs of your life the way that you wanted to, you have helped me through my entire life…in the good & the bad times, you were like my rock. I am very torn up after my babies died & I am a completely different person now-I am always on guard now. The hospitals knew I had a genetic blood clot disorder and didn’t treat me for it & my babies kept dying until I switched hospitals & found out why…I am sick over the lack of respect for human life!
3:22 AM me: When your young and have dreams,and dreams come true and then You wonder what the hell its all about, My Mama God rest her soul always used to say, Son be careful what you wish for, didnt understand what she meant till along time later.My dreams came true and I loved my life, singing and makin folk happy,but it all became to unreal and very lonely.
3:25 AM just: I feel lonely at times too but I have my family here that I am thankful for, Your mama was a great woman & always remember her & smile ok! and your right you will always feel Jessie’s presence & your mama & daddy’s too
3:27 AM me: I understand your torment,sometimes you wonder whats life all about,people who have a total disrgard for human life, God I just think some are just to damn good for this world.
3:32 AM just: I really hope that you get to meet your sister-she is very lonely as well even with the new adopted family by her here in wisconsin. I just know it’s important for her to meet you she really didn’t have any family besides her kids that are far away. people don’t understand her like I do & I think that is why we found each other….or should I say that if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have ever met!
3:41 AM I think that it was horrible that I had to suffer each loss and have people that I trusted with my life & the babies refer to them as clinical waste, that just made my physical & emotional state go into a downward spiral, and then to later find out it could have been prevented was just a very hard pill to swallow. I am sorry if I offended you by my post but as you can see I am under a lot of stress and when i see my family hurting I go into protective mode & had to vent. sorry I switch subjects but I knew I put down my cell at walmart to pick something up I walked about 15 ft away and realized it was gone, went back to the spot & it was gone
3:42 AM I realized after 35mins had gone by & looking all over & calling it with my dad’s phone that it was gone & someone dishonest had picked it up! 
 me: I beleive that we have many soulmates on this earth,the person you meet at a bus stop for a moment, a passing glance,a smile a gesture, we are all connected some how. Thats why its important to surround your selves with good people who love you. Know that I am always with you although not in person am so in many others ways. Your paths were meant to meet thats what you call destiny.
3:47 AM just: back on another subject, I want to personally tell you that you once being ELVIS is not the reason for Eliza doing what she is, as with my babies had i known the family genetics better I would have my babies alive & well & the doctors wouldn’t have been able to snow me. Eliza has a lot of serious medical issues & people don’t understand how bad, she cannot get any answers from flo just lies, so you truly are the only person that can help her
3:48 AM I am very glad that you have always been with us in spirit…Gosh that sounds funny now
3:53 AM WE are very honest with each other right from the start and I have been critized for admitting I first contacted her because she was your sister & she had proof you were alive. Hell ya…someone says they have proof of my favorite idol (yes I’m talking about you-lol) being alive I am for sure tracking them down- but what people didn’t realize was that after a year of us bonding and sharing stories we are family now-I never expected that!
3:58 AM me: It dosn’t matter how folks meet, you get on thats it,its as simple as that.Never mind the irgnorance of others, they have no right to judge,As for Flo I cant understand her actions, really am bewildered with that one.
3:59 AM just: We are very blessed and I only wish that Eliza didn’t always feel like the odd child or something was missing before, she was & is like you in a lot of ways….waking up and looking in the mirror, what do you really see is it you, where do you really come from or is the person you see in the mirror the person you were forced to become. In the end you will always be you inside! thank God!
4:04 AM Do you actually remember Flo being at Graceland? Did she strike you as someone who would later be so crazy? Did she ever bring her daughter Renee to Graceland who would have been a year old or so? I wish that her other kids didn’t hate Eliza for being the only one given away. they had a horrible life I was told.
4:06 AM me: know this there is nothing odd about you, quite the opposite,you are special.As shakesphere once said, we are all actors on this earth each of us have our part to play, Flo lost out and thats her sad loss,she knows it, bitterness has taken over her.Man I cant understand her actions.
4:09 AM just: do you have any knowledge as to whether your daddy knew about Eliza or tried to find her, or is this all completely new to you as well, I wish Eliza could have met him….she has suffered such loss & heartache. I am glad that you had great parents like I am blessed to have myself. I tell her that there is good & bad with the truth….flo is crazy & she got you & vernon who were great people
4:11 AM me: Girls I’m sad to say I gotta bid you both farewell for now.It was a real pleasure chatting with you both. But I got something I gotta do. I will
  cont this later, someones just come in
4:12 AM ok
4:16 AM just: Thanks for your time It meant the world to me, take care… we love you very much here is a lot of hugs going your way from us in Wisconsin, &.Eliza says send message thru email or twitter & she will reply immediately she sends her love. looking forward to talking to you later tonight. Ps: take a guess who’s a night owl like you ha ha, this is from Jaime: ELVIS after dark
4:19 AM me: Ok girls, talk with you soon,off to TCB its gotta be done,will talk again.
  God Bless.
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just us4:51 AM just: hey there 4:52 AM i just sent a couple of replies to u on twitt…

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4:51 AM just: hey there
4:52 AM i just sent a couple of replies to u on twitter too
 me: Hey how you I read your messages your not in good health I see, not sleeping?
4:54 AM just: i seem to get insomnia when i get stressed out
  u oughta’ know about that too
  want the laundry list of the crap they have diagnosed me with that causes pain? ha ha
4:55 AM yeah, been in a lot of pain & unable to sleep @ the same time when i got that msg from linda doubting u
4:56 AM im not a weak person, but sometimes i feel that way (ugh)
4:58 AM me: I sure do, been a bit myself due to certain issue regarding myself, and my health I’m old,mind is young but body is not like it use to be. Man I cant type as fast as you.Ha!
 just: lol
  funny re typing
  i can really fast on here if i dont correct my mistakes
  ha ha
4:59 AM is everything ok w/you healthwise??
5:01 AM me: I got artiritis kinda bad so maybe my typin aint to speedy got it in my hands so forgive me for me being slow,
 just: i’m sorry, jesse
5:02 AM that makes a lot of sense about your hands tho w/all the karate thru the yrs
 me: cold weather dont help none,man it sure is cold,looks like we are getting a cold winter
5:03 AM just: we both have arthritis, i’m just lucky it’s not in my hands w/me. type as slow as u want, it’s the mind behind the hands that counts 🙂
5:04 AM r u in a place as cold as i am here in wisconsin?
  dont matter none if i was here or washington tho – both cold!
5:06 AM me: love karate so right you are,
I can still do abit though cant lift my leg like I use to ha! yes its cold,but I hear its cold just about everywhere.
 just: they diagnosed me with moderate to severe arthritis in my lower spine back in 2007, then this yr said it’s more on the severe side
5:10 AM me: well its in the family,alot of em suffered with it. Some only mildly though, I aint got it to bad,just flares up now and again, I was out alot in the last week,so I must have gotton the cold into me,you make sure you wrap up warm
5:13 AM just: along with spinal stenosis and i no longer have disc is my lower lumbar spine, 3 are blown out, its just bone against bone now. i have a tear in my left knee that needs surgery & arthritis in my left knee. when u r online & bored? go to the website nord (national organization of rare diseases) and look up rsds. i was diagnosed with that when i was 35. been put into remission 5 times now. well, u get the idea.
  yeah, its in flos family too, i got it on both sides it seems
5:14 AM thats great u can still do some karate. i know how much u loved it
5:15 AM is it weird for me to type that i know something about u and yet wasn’t able to grow up w/you??
5:16 AM it feels weird to me when i write stuff like that
 me: have you done anything with regards flo, man calling your cat bonkers was real funny.
5:18 AM just: do u know when i started researching the possibility that u were my dad, all i ever wanted to know was about u as a person, the man, not the superstar, etc. it’s also why i feel like i know u so well. besides the fact that we are alike in a lot of ways
 me: The whole world seems to know alot about me. i forget that some times
5:19 AM just: not yet re: flo. i don’t think i need to tho?? i’m sure her head is still swimming that all those fake twitter accts went bye-bye in 1 fell swoop
  i think i just need to let the truth and the dna speak for itself re: her
5:20 AM why do u think so many idiots out there can try & pretend to be u so easily?? all u gotta’ do is google ur name
5:21 AM it must drive u crazy all the shit thats been published about u in the last 32 yrs
  keep typing, i wl be right back, need to clean my glasses off
5:26 AM k, grabbed a drink while i was there
5:28 AM me: but some let me tell you have got it wrong on some counts regarding certain things,but dont matter now,all water under the bridge.Flo aint worth glad you said it like that,its her loss. Its hard for me sometimes reading certain stuff that folks write about me, but i knew i would get some turncoats and the likes,people makin money ouuta my name. But I chose this,as they say you make your bed you gotta ly in it.
5:29 AM just: have u ever truly regretted ur decision?
  or wished u could undo it at least?
5:30 AM yeah, some of the “friends” u had? who the hell needs enemies, right?
5:31 AM i have been so disgusted at some of the trash said about u. all to make money off ur name, just as u said
5:33 AM i know i am so thankful that u escaped before it was too late. altho i also know it’d drive me crazy if i hated the way things went later on and would want to step out to try and fix
  i don’t know, i just know its gotta’ be damned hard being u
5:34 AM me: sometimes,but i know it was for the best, i wasnt well,I was goin mad, its hard to describe it, i understand some folks motives to make money, u gotta put bread on the table, but some were kinfolk they were not in need and that pisses me off
5:35 AM just: need & greed – not the same
5:36 AM take a guess what the most asked questions are that i get asked about u?
5:37 AM the 2 most asked questions i guess
  it’s funny that i have never asked u them myself, lol
5:38 AM me: I lived my dream, but the dream damn near killed me,but i dont regret a thing. I know my fans understood my reasons. like said a millon times over some will love ya some will hate ya, i dont read the bad stuff no more, so i dont sweat the small stuff,ha
5:39 AM just: btw, i’m sending ur pkg out mon/tues. hope u get it in time for xmas, forgive me if u don’t
  lol, i have always said that, don’t sweat the small stuff
5:40 AM yep, ur real fans still love u and the rest that were assholes to start with? well, they still are, ha ha
 me: Whats the questions they ask you
5:41 AM just: do u still sing and who/what is in the coffin @ graceland *trust me, they ask a lot more, but those 2 are the top contenders
5:44 AM i tell them i have never asked u, lol
  oops, i should say gravesite, not coffin, sorry
5:45 AM me: well ok now the answer to the first I sing all be it in the shower ha! and other small spaces, second well now thats top secret, if i told ya,i’d have to kill ya ha!! no matter hun same thing!
5:46 AM just: of course since last yr, when i go there? it’s tp pay my respects to my daddy, my grandma, your mom and our brother. i’m happy when i look at the grave ppl think u are in – knowing that u got away before it was too late
5:47 AM lol. i say that to ppl re: i’d have to kill’em
5:48 AM i sing in the shower and my room upstairs here with no one around, lol
5:50 AM just for my own curiosity?? if i give u my word, here & now, could u tell me re: graceland? it will never go past me, not jaime, not anyone. like u, i have always had a thirst for knowledge, etc or maybe curiosity killed a cat named bonkers, lmao 🙂
5:51 AM me: Its bad in the eyes to some what I did but I it had to be done. I havent been to grace in quite along time, but man i loved that house,best christmas’s there so tell me hun are ya a good singer?
5:52 AM just: i have heard some of the stories re xmas @ graceland and fireworks, lol
  i told jaime that a few days ago, this is probably the time of yr that u miss your home the most
5:53 AM me: what u wanna ask me, man your funny, still might not answer you mind ha!
5:56 AM just: before i ever knew i was adopted?? when i was in school, the only 2 electives i ever chose were music (as in chior, not band) and art. then, to find out flo is really a very gifted artist and you are my brother and that our daddy liked to sing too?? i guess it was always nature over nurture w/me. i love to sing, not very sure how good i am tho, ha ha. all of my kids love to sing. your eldest nephew adam? he has a great voice. he just isn’t the one that likes to show off – that’s andrew. all of them have always been in choir, art or band
5:58 AM glad u think i’m funny! we really do share the same smartass sense of humor, let me tell ya. andrew has your affinty for practical jokes,
 me: It was otta this world , why hell we were livin in our own little bubble of which i created, as you already probably well know,i ruled the roost, i couldnt help it mind, i let it go to my head,now that i think of it i may regret how i treated some poor folks,but i let it get to my head sometimes, everyone runnin around after you and all, boy it was down right crazy when i think back
5:59 AM just: my question would be, what’s in ‘your’ grave @ graceland?? and/or, what really happened on 8/16/77?? i guess i’m curious how the hell u pulled it off so convincingly
6 minutes

6:06 AM just: yeah, i’ll be candid w/you, i have read where u did just that, let it go to ur head @ times. i never thought ill of u tho – i always chalked it up to u being just as human as the rest of us, u know? we have all done things re:
other ppl that we later regret. why on earth your fans thought/think you were supposed to be perfect cause’ u were elvis presley?? how the hell was that supposed to work?? i think u had too many ‘yes’ ppl around u for your own good tho. it had to be crazy times tho. how long since u hv been back there?? too bad u cannot just uproot graceland and move it to ur own private corner of the world, huh?/
6:08 AM i also think we both got the same stubborness gene too, ha ha
6:10 AM if i ask u a question, will u answer me honestly, jes?? even tho it’s caused u some grief i’m sure – are u happy to find out that u did have a (still living) sibling all this time, ie: yours truly??
 me: I can do anything…what i got is ….as they say over in ireland i think is,the gift of the gab, i can talk my way into just about anything. I thought about it for along while before i decided,mentioned a few times my intention to some kinfolk, but they just thought that it was me letting off steam,You have certain things open to you when you feel your in over your head,there can be for some a get outta jail card,so to speak,and so it was i just wanted to get otta jail expect it werent for free,werent cheap man, it cost me in more ways than one.
6:12 AM just: –> “as they say over in ireland i think is,the gift of the gab, i can talk my way into just about anything”, ha ha ha – i get it as i have always been described that way. told u we are a lot alike, i wasn’t kidding, lol
6:15 AM uumm, let me ask a better question re: 8/16 then – who the hell did they autopsy then?? it was not any wax figure & lets hope it was not u since they removed the brain, huh? (sorry, bad joke there. i am not trying to speak ill of the dead)
  i have a really good idea of what all it has cost u for the last 32 yrs, jes and it makes me sad for u
6:17 AM ((ok, i’m gonna’ shut up for a few minutes and let u catch up))
13 minutes

6:31 AM me: well now, i have thought about this one for some time now, I have never felt compelled to write to someone as i have you. Many times I got women sayin that they had their babies by me, pissed me off let me tell ya, read stories awhile back i had a son,another thatmy daughter lisa,was kidnaped and replaced by another,strange,but i gotta tell ya,Hearin all the stuff about dna i just think benifit of the doubt, because i did doubt it,But hell i would have loved a sister or brother growing up, it was kinda lonely. Regarding the last question you neednt worry yourself about that one. I always wanted a sister. sorry its takin so long to write, i read what ive said and i cant read it, my mind is not keepin up with my hands.
6:32 AM I mean fingers…..
  no i mean finger, as i only type with one ha!
6:34 AM just: lol, the hunt & peck method?? too funny
6:36 AM me: emm I’m a real homer simpson
6:39 AM just: i guess maybe u have felt compelled from a place deep inside of u where maybe ur soul knew of the connection before ur mind and any doubt had the chance to sort it all out. hope that makes sense? i am so relieved to hear that, altho, u were already a grown man by time i was born. fyu: the guy tim farrell in michigan? he is not ur son, i dna tested against him for sibship in 2006, he refuses to believe the truth tho. he’s using it to make a music career for himself (sad to say). i would never have agreed to even test against him iof i did not think he was as sincere in wanting the truth as i was ..
6:40 AM yeah, we used to compare the antics of bart to andrew, lol
6:41 AM fyu?? i meant fyi, lol
6:43 AM altho, i never expected u to be my brother, very very surreal, let me tell ya
6:44 AM (not as if being my father would not have been weird too)
6:47 AM me: Eliza hun, very surreal for me are a good soul,it was real nice chatting to you on here, but honey i gotta go now, i could chat to ya all night long,only that Im heading off for a few days and gotta make plans,so get some rest and we will talk again soon ok hun
6:48 AM just: i will be honest w/you jes. i am very grateful that u turned out to be my brother & not my dad. at least in the scenario of u still being alive & not really dying in 77. wanna’ know why?
6:50 AM oops, just saw ur last msg. we will save that for next time. if i send ur pkg out to bern tom or tues, will u get it by xmas then??
6:51 AM u must be so tired of moving around after all these yrs ..
6 minutes

6:58 AM just: i do have one last question for u tonite. since we both celebrate a bday next month?? (wasn’t it weird that i turned 47 and u 74 this yr) – am i ever going to be able to meet u in person before it’s too late?? btw, i don’t wanna’ meet u cause u are elvis – i wanna’ meet u because you are my brother. you are the only fmaily and kin that i have on my daddy’s side. not to put any pressure on u there, right) u get the idea. i hope u know that i don’t want to meet u for any kind of bragging rights, etc. the wish is from my very heart & soul. i hope u know that ..
7:02 AM me: Eliza hun sorry just had a phone call, I will chat with you soon and tell ya some info regarding certain folk and all, I lived many places, may be on the move again soon, but somewhere I really dont want to go, but may have to due to certain issues that have arisen. I would love to meet with you but honestly I just dont think its possible, its simply outta my artritic hands Ha. God bless Eliza hun,xJ
7:03 AM just: i feel very honored that you gave me the benefit of the doubt re: all of this. if i did not have the dna? i would not have believed it myself, jes. like they say, truth is stranger than fiction, ha ha
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7:05 AM just: ur funny too .. g’nite, hugs, love u, e
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just us9:48 PM just: hey u, i’m just now finishing an important email to u, give me …

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9:48 PM just: hey u, i’m just now finishing an important email to u, give me a sec & i will send it thru .. e
9:52 PM I will let u play catch up w/my msgs here & on twitter. I will be right back, gotta get some thick socks & my robe, i am freezing my butt off! i just sent that email i was finishing when u signed on ..
5 minutes

9:58 PM just: k, i am back. i put on 2 pr of frigging socks too! lol
9:59 PM me: Hi there was just looking into those fake sites,can’t do anything about it right now,maybe when ‘I get back.I can it sorted.I’m just gonna read email.
 just: k
10:00 PM i think u have a few scattered msgs on twitter too from the last 2 days
10:01 PM how are u feeling?
10:05 PM me: I’m ok, just read your email,Is this Dean guy in the process of planning /making it. what you want me to do?
10:06 PM just: i’m glad u are ok. i worry about u, jesse. hope u don’t mind that, just the way i am.
  we started filming material for the trailer in aug in memphis. he thought elvis week was awesome btw.
10:07 PM he’s done a couple more interviews in los angeles as well, which is where he is based
10:08 PM it started out as a documentary idea, but we both want to turn it into a film project as i explained re how they pay someone in my position.
10:10 PM me: I’m a little under the weather, but back in a mo hun gotta get something
 just: ok
10:13 PM be careful. between this cold freeze and the swine flu (or h1n1 virus), it’s not going to be a good winter, u know
10:14 PM me: Man i know,anyway about film,how you gonna go about it?
10:15 PM just: i have to go & get my cell chgr, be right back
10:18 PM me: Man i just split hot coffee all over myself,im a clumbsy fool today i tell ya
10:20 PM just: ok, i am back .. i just called dean, he is going to call me back as soon as he’s driving from the store (buying supplies) back to wherever he’s shooting right now. i told him your question & i do believe he is thinking very hard right now about it, lol
10:21 PM damn, i warn u about the flu & u go scalding yourself! i will wait and type while u get it fixed.
  (i don’t drink coffee, but i have done that same thing w/hot choc)
10:24 PM did u know that when i went to memphis i got to see my cousin deb that u have been in touch with for the 1st time in 20+ yrs??
 me: Its ok, em i love hot choc,dont drink coffe much,but needed it right now as i was up traveling half the night/day,so i guess im trying to get some energy
10:29 PM Be back in mo,gonna see if theres any hot choc,u put in my mind hun.
10:32 PM just: re: the film?? we need to get an investor on board, asap. i made the decision after speaking w/my atty kathleen and w/dean to give him (after signing a non-disclosure agreement re: publication, etc) access to ‘privacy copies’ of the various dna reports, supporting my claim that i am indeed my father’s daughter. when i say ‘privacy’ i mean that the alleles (pairs of numbers) that the persons involved in each test do NOT share, they have been erased. that way, no one can construct any of our dna profiles. they remain private. we all agreed that it will take this measure to prove to the potential investors that my claim is indeed real & true. i personally was thinking of several different scenarios as far as your assistance goes. i have to believe that you have connections in place thst God only knows about. another aspect is that we need a distributor and dean wanted to try & secure one 1st. you must know way more about film making that i would, you have been in enough of them in your career vs me. you tell me – what do you think you could do, would it be to possibly pull strings in the background (u seem to be very good at that sort of thing) or maybe even agree to commit something to paper, or voice or film w/you concealed, etc. give me some ideas, i’m not the only inteligent one here. people sorely underestimated you way back when .. ha ha ha
10:33 PM hot choc has caffeine, lol
10:34 PM i found a great herbal energy tablet that i bought for memphis last yr. they don’t make me sick to my stomach like caffeine or those red bull energy drinks & they work really well. all natural too. give me a sec & i will try to remember what they are called ..
6 minutes

10:41 PM me: damn no hot choc,coffee will have to , so when you were in memphis you saw graceland what did you think. ok just read that last one,your gonna half to leave that with me so i can think about it somemore. i do know some about film makin.Do you have a screen writer on board,if you wanna get folks on board,you gotta have a darn good one. then folks may be interested..anyway leave it with me,any info you got,or ideas send them here, i’ll see what i can do.
10:43 PM man pay no mind to my spelling.
 just: lol
  no problem
10:46 PM just sec
10:48 PM sorry, that was deajn calling. did u get the hot choc yet?
  oops, dean
  forgive my spelling too
  im on jaimes laptop and the keyboard is smaller
10:53 PM me: I got coffee here,it’ll do.I wont drink to much mind,it’ll have my mind workin over time,
10:58 PM just: i read to him what i’d just written to you re film. he agreed to let u figure out what would be best re your involvement. besides the fact that he would love to speak w/you (email or whatever) anyway, he just mentioned that as far as the film goes, that if you’d be willing to let him tape a short call between us. ie: brother to sister, family/kin. not elvis to eliza. hope that makes sense? he knew what going to graceland meant to me. i was not able to take the tour tho. deb could not do it physically so i stayed w/her @ the hotel. andrew (my son), evelyn (his girlfriend), kevin (an old friend from tx), they did the tour and were overwhelmed. kevin is now a huge elvis fan from the last yr fwd cause’ of me. he even went as u for halloween in oct, lol. andrew & i cried at the graves. we both blew out our candles and placed them beside our daddy’s grave. i reached in and placed my hand on the marker you placed there for our brother, jessie. it’s hard for me to go there, with my family buried there. i wish i could have been in the house when our daddy was alive & you “ruled the roost”, it had to have been amazing. just. fyi? whenever i ever have my own house again, i want a pool room and i’m going to do it the same way u had it done w/all the material. i loved it. i also loved the tv room w/the yellow, navy & white. i swear, we are way more alke than u can even appreciate yet, lol 🙂 is it because u are still alive and go back there yourself that the upstairs is off limits to this day??
  (taking a breath, lol)
10:59 PM (if coffee makes ur mind go into overtime? i really don’t need any, ha ha) i have not been asleep yet either .. i’m ok tho .. not in too much pain. not like a few days ago, boy, that was flat out miserable
11:01 PM btw, if u want to, —– has gmail too, if u feel like sending her an email. she will keep it confidential. she’s ur family too 🙂  —– is a very good soul too, she really is ..
11:03 PM me: back in 5,gotta take a call hun.
 just: k
11 minutes

11:15 PM me: hey back now,had to take that call,and looks like i’m gonna get my hot choc after all.sorry Eliza forgive me for takin so long,I forget what I wanted to say, got some one keep ringing me.which is beginning to piss me off
11:16 PM just: no problem, i understand. do like i do, turn the damn ringer off if u have to
11:20 PM me: your right,but i answered it like fool,im trying to type this and talk on the phone at the same time,man im not good at multi taskin i tell ya,ha
11:24 PM just: lol, yeah, thats a new term isnt it, multi tasking, ha ha
11:25 PM go back up & read my long -assed entry ..
13 minutes

11:39 PM me: How did i miss that one,so you didnt get to see the inside of graceland, I feel bad that you gotta go through all this,i will see about what i can do for you regardin the film, thats real kind what you done in the med garden,thank you for doin it,it means alot,your right i ruled the roost,if i wanted hot choc i would of had it be now,Up stairs is off limits as it was/is my privite quarters,there is alot of stuff up there that is not for public eyes.
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These messages were sent while you were offline.
11:44 PM just: where’d u go??
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 Reply |just us to me
show details 12/16/09
11:45 PM just: oh, u r bk
  it blanked out for a min
11:46 PM i have been inside graceland bk in 2001 and 2002
  but not last yr or this yr
  michael went last yr and was amazed
11:49 PM was that one of the hardest parts about walking away in 77?? just knowing that u could never live in graceland again??
11:53 PM me: sorry eliza, i see you mentioned you liked the tv room and all, I’m getting too old, The best room in the old days was the music room, mostly at christmas, it
was full of live. man i loved christmas’s back then,still do but not the same.Its a mere shell now,its like its frozen in time.its sad,but i got the memories,truthfully it wasnt the same in th final few years,it wasnt good at i have mixed feelings about when i think about graceland
11:55 PM just: michael and i went to the meditation gardens last yr, then this yr, we all went to the candlelight vigil for first time, kind of surreal. i mourned for my family buried there and i mourned for all that u lost by walking away & the 32 yrs since .. like u said, it cost u. i know it did. u never should have been so backed into a corner that that was ur only means of escape – a virtual death
11:58 PM i have a hard time seeing it now, so commercial & empty of spirit. just a shell, not your heart & soul
12:03 AM me: truthfuly eliza no body cared before 77, it amazed me to see how it blew so damn huge, i mean who would have known,around that time they just didnt give a damn and were cruel,not my loyal fans,they were great,but media,and a book had been realeased. i was gettin it from all sides. now i see it i think man what have folks created,it is surreal your right,its become commercial, i looked up and seen you wrote commercial, did we think at the same time i wonder ha
 just: i will say this – dont ever regret what u did jes, by walking away. it saved ur very life. i will always be grateful for that. god let u survive when so many in your same shoes in that kind of lifestyle perished, most of the time way too young ..huge dreams that come true have a way of devouring u at the same time ..
12:07 AM me: thank you hun, your right about dreams they can come true but can implode.
12:10 AM just: plenty of people cared about u, truly and sincerely. however, it was the people closest to u that u needed & depended on that were f**** cruel, they wanted what they could get from u, no more, no less. then, u had the FANS (from the word ‘fanatics’ no less) that loved u (almost) to death. until i had the dna proof that u were alive?? i really feared that in those last horrendous days, that u had just given up & taken ur own life. but then, i could not see u doing that & risking not being w/your mama & daddy one day again, as well as jessie ..many things i read thru the yrs when i started my research about u? it broke my heart ..don’t feel bad or anything, but i can promise u that i have cried many tears over u thru the yrs .. when i say that i love u? they are not empty words, jesse
12:12 AM hell, if just half of the shit i have read about u back then was true?? i don’t know how u survived it long enough to walk away finally .. u had a guardian angel, let me tell ya
12:18 AM sorry if i am helping u to dredge up old memories, it was not my intention. i have always told u that i will tell u like it is, so to speak and i meant it. anytime u need it, u will always have a shoulder here. if u feel like it, u can call me too. it would just be u and i, no one else, no taping like brewer did, etc. just a one on one w/your family. u know that u have 2 nieces and 2 nephews, right? 2 boys & 2 girls. i know u have lisa and her kids, but just know that u are never alone. that u never will be as long as i am alive.
12:20 AM i know that u have already lived thru too many yrs that u had a ton of people around u, 24/7 – yet u were utterly alone. those were some of the tears i cried for u. i think some were myself too. i am the same way in a lot of respects ..
12:22 AM me: Eliza there very kind words, I can tell you got a heart of gold, and i trust you,and see that you understand. its not easy for me to trust as you probably well know,theres a lot of people who would quite easliy stick a knife in your back, people who i trusted did it and did it for money, it makes me mad,as then i had people call me a simple kinda person,like some kinda fool,i tell ya and i know ya know thats so far from the truth,these folks dont understand the concept of compassion,some folk took advantage of it i know,they thought i didnt know,but i knew what they were playin at,but i didnt care for them to know, i kept my cards to my chest. but i wor my heart on my sleeve
12:24 AM just: omg!! i was just about to type that if it were not u?? i would not be wearing my heart on my sleeve right now – that i usually keep it all inside or close to me ..
12:25 AM me: I gotta go in minuite eliza hun,I got some folks comin over.
 just: u are just about the fartherest (sp) thing from simple that i have ever met, lol
  i am from tx – i know ‘simple’
 me: great minds think alike
12:26 AM just: lol
  yeah they do
  are u going to be back on later tonite?
12:29 AM i wish i could be coming over there tonite and meet you. not say a word even, just walk up to u and hug u and have u know that u have blood that’s very close to ur own soul .. if u want, call me. it would mean a lot to me to hear ur voice for real, i don’t know, its hard to explain i guess. maybe u need to hear mine again too. it’s been awhile since that one call last june, u know? lol my cell # is 509 742 0230. i hope that u have someone around u that makes the feeling like ur alone a tad bit lighter ..
12:33 AM i have no illusions that ur life has not been a piece of cake since 77 .. i wish that were not true. i think like me? u have never been the same inside after u lost ur mom. i had just turned 21 when my mom died & i was pregnant w/adam and alone. anyway, u get the idea. sometimes i wish u were not elvis, it’d make both of our lives easier if my brother had just turned out to be some ‘bob smith’ down the road. i know u understand that sentiment too ..
12:39 AM me: ok eliza, i gotta go change my coffe stained shirt, i wont be back on tonight no, but we’ll talk again,message me any time,dont stay on this to long mind, it cant be good for the eyes, im beginning to delvelop a sqint ha,ok eliza hun take care and have your self a good evening with your friends. i know what your saying but for now it aint possible to make contact right now, i know you understand. eliza hun and both our mamas are watchin over us,take care of your self,we’ll talk soon for twitter should i change my name on it,if so think me up a good name would ya hun, I was thinkin about it after i read one of your emails.xx gotta head off now
12:40 AM just: yeah, i will think of 2 new names for us, ha ha .. i will have dean email u re film project, is that ok??
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