Dead right!

French car manufacturer Citroën has controversially enlisted John Lennon to promote its new DS3 hatchback.

The late Beatle appears in archive interview footage in the ‘Anti Retro’ TV advert, somewhat ironically telling viewers to “try something new”.

Beatles fans are angry at Citroën’s use of Lennon as a ‘car salesman’ in the campaign, which also features Marilyn Monroe, and Yoko Ono‘s decision to grant the company permission.

Comments on the YouTube page for the ad include: “There is no depth to which these companies won’t sink to make a buck” and “JL is probably rolling in his grave right now”.

What if this were to happen to Elvis Presley, answer some fans would say ‘OMG Elvis! he’s alive’

Anywho we here at MADTALK think that although, its all about the $$$$$ We still love the words of  the voice over on the add, because they ring true. Shame however that it was done in such away as to fool the public into believing these words were spoken by the great John Lennon himself.Yep we thinks John would be rocking and rolling around in his grave right now,

Singing ‘ Imagine all the people ……believing all this hype, you oh oh  you may sell me as a beamer but I’m not the only one,…………..


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