MR Sherlock will be updating his page soon,contact info for Sherlock is or you can follow his updates on twitter at


3 responses to “Mr Sherlock’s EP ALIVER FILES

  1. Jenny

    Hey Mr Sherlock
    Can’t wait to read your updates,just took a visit to Linda Sigmons site,God that woman is crazy!Someone call the men the in white coats please!!!!I think she writes all those letters to herself,and who dose she talk to on the phone,answer !herself.She controls them there buttons,Ifound that so funny, Linda saying ‘Jesse answers me by pressing buttons on the phone’ and what of the new letters she has just posted.Paul Monroe on TTAE board got it right when he said,they are getting sloppy,the letters are all different,and look at the dates. I think she is sits in her cellar with posters of ep everwhere,sending herself letters and making up stories. Cuckoo sure springs to mind. Jesse is just a madeup story,from the mind[s] of a woman,living in a made up world, built and invented in her cellar/Jesse office. Who are those attracted to her story? I guess the saying really dose ring true ‘like attracts like’ or maybe ‘mad attracts mad’ seems that best fits the nature of Lindas inner beast!

  2. love your site, will add you to my Elvis blogroll.


  3. I’m not the biggest fan of Linda Hood Sigmon anymore since she ‘banned’ me from her website for the dumbest reason. But regardless of her motives, I personally still will always believe Elvis Presley is still alive. I love him and that is all that truly matters to me. Not Linda or anybody else. Just Elvis himself. TCB ~Darcy Marie~

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