“The Truth is the sun always rises in the East
I know it does , I know Im right its up to you to prove me wrong.”

The truth is there for all to see Mr Hatty, dont make excuses, dont pretend to be someone your not.

oh Mr Hatty fact is right under your nose!

Linda you go girl your not alone.

      (A place for Cockcoo’s)

Hey every one this page is where we put the people we think  that have ‘flown over the cockoo’s nest’ xxx:-)‘Marilyn Monroe’

The author of the text written below wishes to remain annoymous,but they will continue to update this page with stories and news of crazy claims, by those who seek fame/attention and who decide to bring it into the public domain, by that we think we have every right to put into question these very claims.

‘Presley Wannabe’

We think that Alice deserves top spot here in the cockoo’ nest for all the pain and hurt she has caused and still causing through her sick delusional fanasties of being someone she is not.

Linda Hoodwinked Sigmon

 Linda Hood stands at 2nd for her on going mad statements and comments that she puts on site regarding Elvis is alive and living as Jesse theory. Her ramblings and misguided mistruths are merely fabracated stories of a women who while caught up in a belief  system, her behaviour and antics are  of that, reminiscent of a person suffering from delusions of……not sure which yet,  Freud would have been in his element to follow this womans pattern of behaviour. Luckly enough Freud is a member of our Dead Artists Society’ so maybe he will diagnose or come up with an explaintion for this kind of behaviour.

                                                                                                                                  Dr Hinton

Dr Hinton who  co wrote the book ‘The truth about Elvis Aron Presley in his own words'(2002) PREMISE- to decive people that it was in fact Elvis who wrote this badly/cheap paperback load of nonsense, still the very gullible of our society still mantain there is truth to it. Paying no attention to facts, they base their conlusions on belief and refuse to see logic. Many say I believe Elvis is alive-but based on what? take away the word belief you have-  ‘I think Elvis is alive’, but thats based on a thought. The three people mentioned above say they know Elvis is alive. Based on what? bits of crap sent to them in the mail, and phone calls with the voice disguised/muffled. These people never met him, yet they tell you they know. Their knowing is confused with their belief. There is no hard proof and without it,all ones got is their belief and that quite simply is not enough to make such ridiculous claims.


7 responses to “CUCKOO’S NEST

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    Eliza has hitten rock bottom & is asking for Narcotic Pain Meds & Money from anyone & everyone even the multiple Jesses that are out there. Linda & Eliza dont exactly seem to be getting along then again Linda has her own agenda & will continue to post her so called proof that Jesse is Elvis. TTAE Myspace board also has hit rock bottom & the members there are nothing more than busy bodies & gossip hounds with no lives whatsoever. They lurk & jump on anything & everything they can just to keep the trouble brewing. As a forerunner of the Elvis Underground of 20yrs I have seen alot come & go and I know the Eliza/Jesse story is burning down to a low simmer then it will be completely out for good. Eliza has nothing else to grasp on to & the fans that are sending money & gifts are dying out real fast. Now she is just addicted to & wanting & needing Vicodin/Hydrocodone. I doubt she is in that much pain & if she is asking total strangers and fake Elvis/Jesses for Vicodin/Hydrocodone means that Doctors & even the Hospital ER Doctors are not prescribing to her & they know she is an addict more than likely abusing & or selling her meds. Then again everyone involved in this are some sort of Chronic Pain Patient & they all are pill poppers. I could be wrong but I doubt it since I am a chronic pain patient who is actually medicated unlike Eliza. She shows the signs of an addict & coming straight out & asking for Vicodin by name shows thats exactly what she is wanting. Just enough to get by she asks…..Thats what Crack addicts say when they are trying to get a 20 fronted to them. “Just enough to get me by” is what they all always say when trying to get some. I dont see all this lasting much longer & I see Eliza being charged with a number of crimes & I see alot of stuff coming out public & we will get alot of answers. Paul Monroe 2010

  3. Star

    Eliza has already proven with DNA that she is in fact related to Elvis so what do you have to say about that??

    • Robin

      Eliza Update 7/10/2012: Eliza knowingly witheld the correction of the original DNA reports back in 2008. She is Elvis’ cousin and not his sister. Knowing this she still went ahead and filed suit claiming to be Elvis’ sister, while trying to re-open Vernon’s estate in hopes for a big inheritance, and went on to get as much money, narcotic meds from big hearted EP fans as she could while milking various social services agencies for benefits and food stamps as she could. Like all big fat criminals, she belongs in PRISON.

  4. Fiona

    Mr Hatty

    Do not use me as your pawn…
    you already have used another persons words and used them for your own gain!

  5. Jane

    Alice Tiffin aka wanna B Presley is a 100% liar, and is in no way a Presley.
    She never proved anything as far as DNA is concerned, only that she is stupid and really knows very little about it. Concerning the pink envelope that she supposedly got Jessie DNA from……….She was actually LIVING in Lancaster, Ca. at the time and the envelope was mailed from there…….Duh, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure who sent this

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time !

  6. gut feeling

    Eliza has been sitting on the truth that the DNA shows absolutely no connectionn with Elvis but kept that information from people. That is why ( and it is the only reason why ) this whole story will not make it into court. there is no authority conspiracy against her at any level. she simply does not have the evidence she said she had. she never did have it. if she ever produces it in court, the first thing that will happen when she leaves the court will be her arrest for reasons that should be obvious.

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