Read all about it 8″The shit hitting the (FAN)” MORE MISTRUTHS from LHS


Just took a visit to Linda Hood Sigmons WEBSHITE anyone who believes her needs to see a Doctor. Linda still finds lots to write about and seems to have a great nack in twisting things to suit her and her Jesse story. Linda has a tunnel vision insight in what she sees as truth and as she  has nothing better to do but devote her life to madman who plays Jesse. She still manages to  gather meanings and contribute them to almost anything regarding HER Elvis is alive claims.
 However if she took the time to research better with what would be hoped a peripheral vision! (although considering her past heap of posts this is forever unlikley to happen),she would know that her claim that Jesse Garon Presley was mentioned in the film credits of the film ‘Coffee and Cigerettes’ 1989 do not connect to anything she claims and the fact that Jesse Garon is mentioned in the credits section  IS because one story in the film is about Elvis having an evil twin,so if you watch the film in full you would know that the premise of the story was only a what if? scenaorio and that no malice was intended and that it was only right to pay a mention/RESPECT to Elvis’S brother in credits, with not a thanks beside the name but respects, as is mentioned beside Otis blackwell for him also being mentioned in the film.
One of the plot segments is ;

Originally the 1989 short Coffee and Cigarettes, Memphis Version – aka Coffee and Cigarettes II – this segment features Joie Lee and Cinqué Lee as the titular twins and Steve Buscemi as the waiter who expounds on his theory on Elvis Presley‘s evil twin. Cinqué Lee also appears in “Jack Shows Meg his Tesla Coil”. The scene also features a recounting of the urban legend that Elvis racistly disparaged African-Americans in a magazine interview at one time

Ol’ Dirty Bastard …. special thanks
Otis Blackwell …. respects
Art Collins …. personal thanks
Chris Fedak …. special thanks: Academy Film Archive
Ghostface Killah …. special thanks
Alysia Oakley …. special thanks
Jesse Garon Presley …. respects 
Angela Rambourg …. special thanks
Chris Rich …. special thanks
Tory Tunnell …. special thanks
Antony Zito …. special thanks

‘The reason that Mr. Jarmusch’s mention of Jesse Garon Presley in the list of “THANKS” is so significant is because Mr. Jarmusch  was the director and writer of another movie titled “Mystery Train” which was filmed in Memphis.  The Elvis theme is very, very strong in this movie.  This movie was released in 1989.  And guess what!!  Mystery Train was an ORION PICTURES movie!!  This is very telling to me that Mr. Jarmusch may have some insight into things which caused him to choose to list Jesse Garon Presley in the list of crew in the THANKS section.’ Linda Hood Sigmon’ webshite



Footnote to my critics: BY LINDA HOOD SIGMON

It will behoove you to spend some time verifying my facts above which are indisputable…rather than shrugging the whole thing off as non-sense.(linda hood )webshite 2010





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28 responses to “Read all about it 8″The shit hitting the (FAN)” MORE MISTRUTHS from LHS

  1. I am properly embarrassed regarding the mention of Jesse in the credits. You are right, perhaps I should have viewed this movie. But, one point I want to make is that this one error does not in way diminish the other facts mentioned in my article which can definitely be proven true for those who are interested enough in Elvis/Jesse to take the time to check the facts out for yourself.



    I find it ludicrous that YOU do all of your work, hiding behind “anonymous” or some silly name like “Mattie Hatter”. If you are so very proud of yourself and your actions toward me, create a site or blog of your own and post your identity on the front page as I have done with mine.

    How about doing that? Lacy, Cooper, Rowe, Monroe, Nigel at EIN, Audrey Robbins (A J), Jim Williard, etc.

    Linda Hood Sigmon

    • Carolyn Williams

      Dear Linda, I look in on your web site everyday. I find it most interesting. Have you ever met Jesse in person? I got involved with Dr Hinton and Linda in 2001. I believed what they said about Elvis/Jesse. Jesse autographed his book and had it sent to me. He also wrote me a personal note. Since the Hinton fiasco, I have been greatly disillusioned. If you would email me, that would be great. Jesse would know me by the name Caroline. Thanks

    • ‘I find it ludicrous that YOU do all of your work, hiding behind “anonymous” or some silly name like “Mattie Hatter”. If you are so very proud of yourself and your actions toward me, create a site or blog of your own and post your identity on the front page as I have done with mine.’

      MY ANSWER:
      Well Linda I find it ludicrous that YOU do all your work hiding behind ‘an ANONYMOUS fake’ under some silly name like ‘JESSE PRESLEY’

      What should it matter to you who I am, as you have stated on your website you got permission from JESSE to use your real name. Dose this mean you would have done the ANONYMOUS route if asked by your puppeteer.
      Linda you seem to point out at every chance! tiny matters that bere no significance on what’s important, is this your ploy to deflect those from such articles that hightlight your nonsense site.

      Also Linda may I remind you
      ‘your site is far from the truth and plenty of your posts are badly researched and documented. When I get the time to give a damn I will counteract your crap with certain elements that you seemed to have passed over in effect to ‘obscure the truth’ leaving out important aspects is a sign that you either purposly ignore facts or quite simply you just can’t be bothered, which makes you not very credible in all aspects of your written words that you Linda seem to be very proud of.
      Mattie Hatter

      • Hi Fiona
        You have gained a spot in the Cuckoo nest,fair play to you!
        I think ‘pretending to be someone your not’ is what the games all about! Don’t you,but you know that already right? You speak of facts under my nose, I don’t see them but I sure do smell bull shit and its coming from your quarter.
        I know exactly who YOU really are!

      • Fiona

        As a mod yes you do sort of a wee bit know where I am, but not who I am. So please dont pretend Im your best friend cos I am not ok. it is your site and if you feel the need to wait or edit ppls post well it says alot about you. I read lindas site every few months. And yes I said its under your nose and still is.. Im not taking sides. Well I love my clocks and Im still looking for that cookcoo clock to hang on my wall, time will tell!

    • Pepper Ritter

      Linda, if you are the real “Shuma,” and are still in contact with Elvis/Jesse would you please send me an email. I would very much like to talk to you in private and i don’t want my emails or what i have to say to be posted any place where anyone but you can read them. Hope this makes sense to you. I still don’t understand how the internet works, but i’m learning a little each day….well not each day, but i’m learning. LOL. I am a bit confused, because it seems like i just read something that Elvis/Jesse is angry with Dr. Hinton and if you still work with the Doctor i thought perhaps he is angry with you too and then you no longer have a way to contact him. I know you must be terribly busy, but i would appreciate it very much if you would email me. I have something I need to ask you or tell you or both. When you email me would you please mention Shuma so i will open the email. I do not open junk mail because i am always afraid i will get a virus or something. I can’t afford to have a sick computer. I am a senior citizen. I just read the book Dr. Hinton wrote and i know it is true, but i am disappointed that it was done so poorly. Elvis/Jesse told him over and over if could ask him anything he wanted too and for Pete’s sake I certainly would have interviewed him, asked lots of questions and made a really neat book. I didn’t see the book in bookstores and didn’t hear about it until a month ago, so i didn’t buy it for the low price of $12.95. But i do believe the fans deserved more than they got. However, what’s done is done.
      Do you know how many copies were printed? I just wonder why the book is so expense on the secondary market. Do you know? In any case, I’m sure i have taken up enough of your time. Please when you have time. Please email me or if you would like you may call me at 256-541-3122. I have strange sleeping hours sometimes so if i don’t answer please leave a message and i will call back soon. Thanks a bunch. Have a fun day and a nice forever, Sincerely, Pepper

    • Jon Burrows

      To Michael Harris, Helm_matt, Andy and others:

      Why is it that each and every one of you cannot spell a single thing right, or use proper grammar?

      Should people appreciate what you say when you cannot even say it properly?

      P.S. I will add that I am not THE Jon Burrows, I am not Elvis and have never once even hinted at it. If my name has got you excited or aggravated, I do apologize immensely, but Jon Burrows is a very common name and IS used by many more people than Elvis Presley. Just like John Smith and Jon Doe, Johnny Appleseed etc. All are “John” names, and names that many, many people use as pseudonyms; which furthers the anonymity of using such a common name, ’cause you blend right in. People should know that Elvis has not been given permission to use a computer, just as Linda has written on her website, so if he did pop in to defend Linda anywhere(or sing thru PalTalk), he’d be a cheeky ole rule-breaking rebel, would he not?

      Happy Holidays in advance everybody. Play nice. God bless you and your fabulous work, Linda. Send my regards to Jesse/Elvis.


  2. Bobbi

    Get me a doctor! I While you may correct that Linda has tunnel vision,it only means she is passionate about her truth,not crazy. On the other hand you guys are at the point of being stalkers. You go to her website religiously so you can write and make comments about things you don’t even perceive as having any truth and is in no way valid. That makes you kind of subject in the crazy department as far as I’m concened. At least she believes what she is saying. You spend all your time writing about a crazy peson and crazy idea (your thoughts not mine). Crazy or not I at least believe in what I’m reading and the person who writes. You life must be full if all you have to do is chase a story and person you have no time for.
    Disrespectful To Elvis and his family? Surely you jest. First off I’m sure that most,ifnot all of the family (which really is his daughter and grandchildren and a few cousins) wouldn’t know who Linda is if you hit them in the head with her. Even if by some chance they would do you think they really spend all their going, gee wonder what Linda has to say today. If disrespect is REALLY a concern of yours why not take a shot at the people who really do disrespect him and write all the mean nasty things about him. Linda, has only ever written kind nice thoughtful things about Elvis. Ohhhh, Linda dare say that Elvis is still alive how awful. Why not send off a nice note to Marty Lacker and friends who did interview stating he was alive. Oh that’s right that was a joke. Way more disrespectful IMO making Elvis a joke.Linda, is not joking. Why not send off a note to his ex wife for being disrespectful by doing a movie about Elvis being alive. Oh, that’s right that put money in all their pockets. Give me a break.
    ONE thing I do want to say loud and clear that I’m tired of. Linda, has NEVER, EVER tried to force her opinion on anyone. She has NEVER been mean or rude if you have a different thought but once you start saying and attacking she has defended herself. Big difference. I just bet if you just stopped talking about her and went on with your life being involved in the things you believe in and left her alone you would never get an email going HEY WHERE ARE YOU GUYS lol. You guys come around because you have a need to be mean to people and fight. Stating your opinion once and moving on is not an option you. Plus somewhere in the back of your minds just in case she might be right you don’t want to miss anything lol

    • Do you honestly think it is a good idea that we all ignore what people put out into the public domain?Why don’t you advise your friend to write all in a diary, why post on a website? I have the greatest respect for Elvis Presley as he was an amazing artist, I cannot and will not sit back and allow your friend to post mistruths distorted facts about him. How you see this as right! beggars belief. Do you think Elvis fans can just turn their backs on this, no I don’t think so. You are wrong, I do not think she is right, evidence is all in her written words.Not just what she writes but HOW she writes.

      • Hey fiona thanks for your smart ass comment. There is much more going down than you think! A lot are involved and are working non stop around the clock,this blog is only a small part of the whole. The sum of all its parts are there hidden and waiting to rise and you would be surprized to know who is involved. So they are ALL very much awake and watching! Stay tuned the best is yet to come from the mods.

      • Fiona

        “There is much more going down than you think! A lot are involved and are working non stop around the clock,”

        what do you mean by that post hatty!
        What dont I know?

  3. Rick T

    Elvis Presley did not die! I will no longer sit back and listen to these stupid stories about Elvis Presley & Linda HoodSigmon! people wake up and stop slamming Linda! the book about Jesse/Elvis is a true story and I will not get into why I know it a fact! for years I have defended myself before anyone ever noticed the mistakes Elvis made to walk away from the spot light. Linda hoodsigmon is not making anything up she is a true friend I back up her stories. I tried to stay out of the public spot light because of this very reason! Elvis/Jesse will not return to the public eye! I consider Jesse & Linda my true friends and will not sell him out to destroy his life now! so get real people!

    Elvis lives!!!
    Keeper of the secret!
    Rick T.

    • The real Jesse

      one night many years ago I was invited out for a night with the ‘ boys.’ I told my good friend Linda that I would be back by midnight, ‘I promise!’

      Well, the hours passed and the beers went down way too easily. Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I headed back to the hideout. Just as I got in the cellar, the cuckoo clock in the hallway started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing my spokeperson Linda would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times.

      I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with her! MAN she sure is firey. (Even when totally smashed… 3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals = 12 cuckoos MIDNIGHT!)

      The next morning Linda asked me what time I got in, I told her ‘MIDNIGHT’… she didn’t seem p***d off in the least………. Whew, I got away with that one!

      Then she said ‘I need a new cuckoo clock.’ When I asked her why, she said, ‘Well, last night THAT DAMN clock cuckooed three times then said ‘hot damn.’ Cuckooed 4 more times, cleared its throat, cuckooed another three times, LAUGHED, cuckooed twice more, tripped and then sang out in a slurred speech ‘I look out my w-in-dow,and what do i see see see, I see a bi-rd and its staring at me. I wanna be free like that bird in the tree.’ thank you ver much!

      Fond times,love you Linda. Pay no mind to sane folks, and keep listenig to the voices in your head. I will alway be there deep deep down inside,urging you on.So listen to me that inner voice who is whispering these words to you…….click click you know what I mean hun….

  4. Carolyn Williams

    The bottom line, what difference does it make, whether he’s alive or dead? It’s not like we are going to storm Graceland. What is so important? Are we all delusional? This has turned into a cat and mouse game.

    • It is not important to you, it makes no difference to you,therefore you are not so important and your comment dosn’t make a difference.
      Yet it was important enough for you to comment on.You are obviously not an Elvis fan to make such a comment.

  5. Linda Skeoch

    Elvis, if you are alive, may the light of God’s love shine upon you..Hope you’re enjoying everything you could not enjoy during your time as a public figure…You shared the gift God gave you with the world, and I thank you for that…I also hope you found love and peace of mind in your new life….You deserve it, you gave your all and did it your way..

    Thanks for all the memories, I had fun at your concert in June of 72 at the Chicago Stadium…My favorite song of yours is “In the Ghetto” wonder why? LOL..I live in Chicago…

    If Elvis is no longer with us, he still gave us his all, and is now with God and all of his questions have been answered…

    Either way “I’ll Remember You”

  6. Boobi your full of crap just like you have always been,Just like LHS. You Hinton /EJ people just can’t stand it when others question you or prove that this EJ is nothing more than BS. Yep its all the doctors and legal people and Elvis friends etc. that are crazy not you jerks. When you produce EJ live and prove he is Elvis I will opologize til then KMA.

  7. Andy

    Well Linda it is me Andy, and i am one of those who goes against this all Elvis is alive, you seem to be clutching at straws now coming up with the Orion BS, why on earth would Elvis be involved with Orion Movies? are you using that because of the Orion singer, who we all know full and well that he was not Elvis? and you keep going on and on about the ali pic, that man in the picture and the you tube footage is NOT i repeat NOT Elvis,
    and if you still go around saying that it is, well you need new glasses, one more thing, if Elvis was alive and he didn’t mind his fans knowing then he would have got lisa marie or cilla to have said something, not some crackpot who makes a site on the internet, if you have solid proof then show it, all i see on your site is a sad woman wanting to have been close to Elvis, and like i have said before,
    living in bliss in her own little dream world with Elvis.

  8. michael harris

    i was 12 years old when elvis died .i admit i got caught up in the alive mess back in the late 80s early 90s.but i have learned since that he died on 8-16-77.i know it not elvis on those tapes with gails books.i know it is not elvis in the ali is not elvis in the poolhouse photo.sivle nora was not elvis.and jesse is not elvis.eliza is not elvis half sister.i think you are being very cruel and hurtful to the real fans and family of elvis stop the elvis is alive stuff.let him rest in peace and lets enjoy the music and memories he left us.

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  10. Vernon Sliverman

    There is No Jesse ! But Elvis Aron Presley is very much Alive He Had Been Ill For Awhile But is in very good Health Today , Eliza McFraland is Not His Half-Sister She Tryed to Say Vernon Was Her Daddy & Then Said to Friends What About His Brother Vester ? Early On She Did Even Think About Elvis Being Her Daddy LOL!!

    Jon Cotner is Not Elvis ! Jon [not his real name] is 58 Years Of Age Elvis is 75 Years of Age

    You Will Be Asking How Do I Know This ?

    Well My Words Dont Mean Much in This World Today

    But i am Elvis Aron Presley & i am upset angry of What is being written about me today

    2010 is The Year i Pay Back My Fans For There Love all These Years i Now Open My Email To Anyone Who Want to Email Me –

    Dont Talk about The Past That could found here on the Net But i will explain WHY & HOW I WENT AWAY ! its not on any web pages or in any books But its From Me alone

    I will be back this year That is Fact!!

    God Bless

    E.A.Presley [Vernon Sliverman]

  11. Fiona

    your a cyber troll hatty…

  12. Jon Burrows

    Also, I should add, that Mattiehatter and Sherlock are the nut Jon Cotner from PalTalk and You Tube.

    You need help, but God bless you anyhow. You’ll always need it. And God will always give it.


  13. missy harrison

    My Dad was in the Army with Elvis At Ft Dix. and said he loved being an ordinary guy for a change. I say and my father says the same thing. If he recreated himself in this way good for him!

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  15. debbie

    Okay Jon, this one is for you, from your friend Debbie
    It seems to me, that Jon Cotner has been posting on Linda’s site, and is very upset by her website, one would think, he must have a really good reason, or has this never crossed anyone’s mind?
    Why would Jon, a sweet man, who has a Pal Talk show, and Bible Studies, suddenly blow up, and loose his cool over Linda’s site, could it be, that he wants the truth to be told?
    Could it be, that he hates the gullibility, the deceit, the scam, making money off Elvis name, the lies are endless here….
    In no way, is the puny panty waste of an old man, Jesse Presley, the jewelry could have been stolen, or duplicated, the letters could have been forged, or staged, the paper trail, everyone knows those things already, you were shown a true picture of Elvis as he looks today, but you are so brainwashed by this scam artist called Jesse, that you can’t recognize what is before you….
    If you love Elvis Presley as you claim to do, one would think, that you would realize, that maybe, Jon Cotner, Jon Burrows, Mattie Hatter, and Vernon, are trying to to show you that there are 2 sides of the story, instead you take this man at face value, I guess you love the money more than Elvis…
    Bottom line, the Jesse picture, is not Elvis, neither is the music, that could have been sang by any number of tribute artists, you were told that the jewelry was stolen from his home, {he only took a certain amount with him}
    My friend is so angry, he can’t see straight, why would he even have a right to be angry? Think about that really hard, most people/suckers, are going to buy into this scam, hook, line, and stinker, but Elvis would not sit back, and say nothing, as though he were dead, OH NO, if people are scamming his name, he is going to blow up!
    Elvis would not use his brother’s name, that’s where Jesse is wrong, it’s a lie, and a delusion to reel one in with sympathy, I can’t speak for Elvis, and be right, but…Elvis did have a good life, and if Jesse had lived, it’s possible, he would be in the same situation as Elvis, hiding!
    Elvis would not have wished, for his brother to sacrifice a normal life, the way Elvis had to sacrifice, they would have both been infamous together, had Jesse lived, so I am certain that Elvis believes that Jesse is very happy, and normal, in Heaven.
    Which brings me to another point, if Elvis is in Hiding, he is in hiding, for a damn good reason, he would not come out like this, to gain popularity, that was one of the many reasons he left in the first place, HELLO!!!!
    Elvis would never make a comeback like Jesse has done, and by the way, Jon Cotner, does to sing un Elvis songs!!! He sang, “The Dance” by Garth Brooks, and he has CD’s out with un Elvis songs on it, Jon also teaches about the Bible, he is most highly intelligent, and Elvis loved the Bible!
    Elvis was so scared that he would not enter the gates of Heaven with all
    his wealth, that is why he gave so much away, and all this talk crap talk about Jon, well that’s all it is, crap, because his bible CD’s are $20 Jesse’s book is $297!!!! Who is trying to make money here???
    Jon is anything, but a scam artist, but your Jesse, that’s all he is, and he has you blinded to the real truth, what a fool believes, when the truth popped by for a visit….better yet, the Jews believed Jesus not…even though he was right there among them, and so was Elvis, and you did not see him…the Forest, from the trees…Jesse
    I do so pray, that the Lord will bring you and Jesse to your knees, and my friend, he is coming out with a book, and when he does, I smell prison time for your Jesse, well, have a great day!
    Debbie, Jon, Jon B, Mattie Hatter, Vernon
    PS, you are more than welcome to take this issue up in Pal Talk….

  16. gut feeling

    if linda can’t prove elvis is alive ( and she certainly can’t ) then what the hell is going on with all these people who stick up for her claims? They know even less than her. I have come to the conclusion that this is and has been for a long time nothing to do with Elvis. My message to those caught up in the Elvis alive stuff is this. if you did not meet him in life, then you were not meant to so get on with your life as it was meant to be. This is what elvis was all about. you see, what you most admire in another is life showing you the qualities that are most in you. What you see in others is really you. remember, it was you and the fans that put him up there because of the meaning you gave to him. After all he was a human being like everyone else. No greater or lesser than you, me or anyone. his greatest gift to you was that this is how great we all are. Follow his example and get out there and be the best you can be. concentrate on your own greatness. i dont believe you will do this by sending messages to someone who cant prove who they are. Your pain at elvis death pales into insignificance compared to his daughter’s. get real, you have a life to lead.

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