Taking care of buisnes$ LETS FIX THE DNA






Now, As a proof Scientists in Tel Aviv say they’ve found and demonstrated that “DNA evidence” can easily be faked to match the wrong person – assuming the nefarious framer has access to a biology lab and DNA database.

Methodology – The boffins fabricated phony DNA using blood and saliva samples to match someone else’s profile without any tissue from that person, reports the New York Times. They claim the procedure can be done by “anyone with basic equipment and know-how” and is indistinguishable from the real thing using current forensic procedures.

It’s Simple

“Any biology undergraduate could perform this,” said Dan Frumkin, lead author of the paper, published in the journal Genetics. The paper asserts that the possibility of DNA evidence being fudged to finger someone else has been overlooked by law enforcement, which has come to rely on DNA matching as a centerpiece of conviction and exoneration of criminal suspects.

The scientists said they counterfeited DNA samples in two ways. One required a small sample of the scapegoat’s DNA, and the other constructed from a DNA database.

For the first technique, the paper’s authors took blood from a woman and

removed the white blood cells containing DNA in a centrifuge. They then added DNA from a man that had been amplified from a single strand of his hair using a standard technique called whole genome amplification. The scientists then sent the sample to a top American forensic laboratory, which analyzed the sample as belonging to the man without detecting genetic shenanigans.

The second technique used samples from a DNA database to match a desired profile. The authors simply mixed and matched DNA snippets from their database to fabricate a phony profile. According to the NYT, the scientists claim a person only needs a mere 425 DNA samples to mimic a profile of any person they want.

Of course, the average criminal looking to frame someone unlucky sod would have a far easier time just leaving bits of the person’s hair or blood around rather than bother with this DNA business. The research, though, could be a boon to conspiracy theorists everywhere and at least worth another spin-off for the CSI franchise.

None-the-less, Frumkin is also rather conveniently the founder of a company called Nucleix, which has developed a test to detect whether DNA samples are real or faked – by the very technique Frumkin’s team has demonstrated. They hope to sell the test to forensic labs – which in all likelihood would be needed as part of any fake DNA conspiracy in the first place.

Should you Patent your DNA? or Open Source it ?

Unusual Suspects!

Eliza Presley (real name Alice Tiffin) read the book, the truth about Elvis in his own words and afterwards saw it as a way of getting in on THE act by connecting her tale with that of Linda Hood Sigmon’s tale -Jesse/ Elvis will live as his brother as he never had a  life,  take on a different personna what he thought Jesse might be like. Of course, both Tiffin & Sigmon’s Jesse would share the SAME dna right! after all they are both of the same made up story.

Alice Tiffin AKA Eliza  has 2 half brothers in Washington state whose dna would match as a half sibling.

She has proven nothing as far as the dna is concerned, by having just her attorney (whom at this very moment is suspened from practicing law) and the so called dna expert BACK UP HER TALE. Yates has a background in history and was an alka Seltzer spokesman previously and has no background in science and it took him over 5 years to come up with his crazy theory.QuEstion why did it take this long? He is only a broker and crunches the numbers given to him, knowing not where they came from, whose they are or when taken. Eliza claimed that Elvis was her father for over 6 years and then changed IT  to Vernon AS it makes sense to have a twist in the tale, many others have claimed to be Elvis siblings so why not have our seleves a Vernon tale..

I am 99.99 percent sure that Eliza Presley and Elvis Aaron Presley are half siblings and that she is not related to Elvis Presley’s mother’s relatives and that can only mean that they share a father,” said Donald Yates, head of DNA Consulting in Scottsdale, Ariz., who said he has worked on the case for five years. WHY 5 YEARS?

“There was no DNA from Vernon. The relationship has to be inferred from the DNA from other family members. We’re talking about samples from an extended family group.FACT NOT ENOUGH PROOF AND NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE

“He said that included DNA from Elvis, but he would not elaborate on where or how that was obtained.WHY NOT? because it was sent to him via mail by an unknown.

Probate Court Clerk Chris Thomas said Wednesday a hearing on the Texas woman’s petition is set for next month. NO! NOT ANYMORE. why? because it’s BS’

“I’ve never had one where someone comes in after the estate’s been closed almost 25 years,” he said. “Most of the people involved are dead.”Why? because the fact they have never had one like this gives it more attention.

 Self taught DNA expert Yates said Eliza Presley’s mother, Florence Juanita Sharp, lived across the street from Graceland as a teenager, but that little is know about how she might have met Vernon Presley. FACT SHE WAS NEVER WITH VERNON

Despite the petition seeking to reopen Vernon Presley’s estate and be admitted as an heir, Eliza Presley’s motive is not money, Yates said. REALLY why do you speak for ALICE

“Her main goal is to be recognized as Vernon Presley’s daughter and Elvis Presley’s half sister,” he said. ” WHY BOTH ARE DEAD MOTHER IS STiLL ALIVE THOUGH

 Man This is no way to TCB

I gotta say what a bunch of….

Bring on the JUDGE



 Yes clearly there is much more to this than meets the eye, all parites involved have an air of suspision surrounding  them.



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6 responses to “Taking care of buisnes$ LETS FIX THE DNA

  1. Jenny

    Alice Tiffin is nothing but a liar and a fraud,something should be done for her birth mother, can’t imagine what she must be going through, what with her name been smeared everwhere. Shame on you Alice for all you have done and are doing, you are not Elvis sister, vernons daughter, you are a infact a waste of space in society.
    From someone who knows your game!

  2. Jenny

    Oh and by the way I don’t think that they went to that much trouble as in faking DNA, it just was’nt checked, they just linked it to presley, it has to go to court but its not going any where, I hope all this comes back on these fakes ten fold!!!!!

  3. Mattie ever wonder how it is Eliza’s Dna matched Jesse? It really can’t can it. So whose does that would be a sibling Dna to Jesse? Maybe Liza’s Dna isn’t Lisa’s at all. Oh by the way Donna Presley just happens to have a brother did you know that? Yes. His name is Jesse. Have fun.

    • Most Interesting Matt, must tell Mr Sherlock when I see him, he’s on somone elses case at the moment…… ha ha!But I’m sure he’ll be checking it out, as no stone goes unturned.

      • Its true. Donna never mentions her brothers on the net or elsewhere but she has two. Paul and I found this out years ago and its a long story but it was not signifcant back then. Now with Eliza claiming what she is it is significant. Question is whether or not any involvement with the EJ crap was ongoing or just recent with Eliza and Hood. I don’t think Hinton has been involved since his slap on the wrist. Thats why its only Hood that is going on about EJ. Where are the others that were involved. You guys are doing great at this keep it up.

  4. Jennifer

    I was looking up someone that my Mom told me about, an old childhood friend, Alice Tiffin ( They grew up together, Alice even dated one of my uncles) and I came across this page. I don’t know Alice myself, just from a few pictures in the old family photo album…and she looks almost exactly the same as she did in her teenage years (for the people that are saying she’s had a ton of plastic surgery).
    While growing up my mother was told that Alice was taken/adopted by her “Grandmother” (my mom isn’t sure if the lady was Alice’s true grandmother, just what she was told). “Alice never knew who her real parents were and always wished she could meet them” says my Mom. She continued,”I wonder if Alice found something when that old lady died…because, I KNOW she never told her anything…”
    I just figured I’d give you a perspective from someone who knew her then, and I’d like to follow it up with a of question.

    – Isn’t “Faux Dna” expensive? Our families ( Alice’s and my Mother’s) are people of simple means, not really something that seems affordable, in my opinion.

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