For fake sake

“The Comedy of Errors”

quotes by Fakespheare

1. “I to the world am Eliza P
That in THY new name a Presley be
Who, falling there to find thou link with thy,
matters not of any other, i seek identity through another

L h S. weeps at  where no one recognizes him.

2. “They say there group is well connected
As nimble jugglers that deceive the eyes,
Dark working webstalkers,seek out the dejected ,
Soul-stealing witches deform  a man’s image in disgiuse ,
foul-smelling cheaters, create a way in
seeking many such-like liberties of kin:” 

3. Linda: “Why should their dreams than ours be more?”
Linfan: “Because their business still lies out o’ graceland door.”
Linda: “Look, when I serve Jesse, TCB IS MY WILL.”
Linfan: “O, know he is the FOOLISNISH OF YOUR OWN  will.”
Linda: “There’s none but asses will be FOOLED by the seed of thought.”
Linfan: “Why, headstrong sweet fantasies, will then be sought.” (Act 2, scene 1, lines 10-15)


LINDA 4. “. thou that hast unkind gestures to thy,
With trying jesses patience would irritate me;” (Act 2, scene 1, lines 38-9)

LHS asks  Jesse why she?

5. “How comes it now, my Jesse, O, how comes it,
That thou art  bonded with thyself –
Thyself I called upon  it, being strange you called to me,
That faith alone , incorporate both paths,
Am better than they dear self’s better parts.
Ah, do not tear away thyself from me;
For know, my Jesse, as easy they will swallow
A sip of water from the magic cup 
from me to you they will follow

And mark my silence with my  words

by adding tales from others

for which they may be the route

for me to uncover thou truth
Thyself shall use others
but detach from thyself, when others waver

7. Eliza .: ”
PA: “O, Dear Daddy who art thou?, where art thou? I did not look so low INSIDE.” (Act 3, scene 2, line 137-8)

8. “They brought one Pinch, of this tale. hungry, eager-fac’d they follow the trail 
A mere anatomy, loosley based Analogy
A threadbare juggler,  a fortune-seller,
A needy, hollow-ey’d, fan-looking  for the man
A living dead ,  will rise.” shall be imagined by the fan

Anonymous describes the conjurers and has engaged to cure LHS of charcter possession and fictionitus.

9. “I think you have all drunk FROM THE FICTITOUS cup:” (Act 5, scene 1, line 271)

DOCTOR Hintnot tries to explain the confusion caused by the appearance   by saying

‘it must then be, due to thy mulitude of magic beans

that hath grow’th into thou  genes’

10. Eliza “Methinks lhs, you are my glass,and from you I sip the tale

 I to you shall unvail I am  not of an other:
I see by your Jesse I am a new with a brother-;”


Final thought for today

“You uncover what IS when you get rid of what ISN’T.”(Mr Sherlock) 


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2 responses to “For fake sake

  1. Drew

    Whomever you are with filth Flo wing from your mouth. I would had to be on your receiving end of Karma!!!
    Luke 6:25 Woe to you who laugh now, for you will grieve and weep.

    Laugh it up for a short season and then you gonna have major issues.

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