READ ALL ABOUT IT 10 “Discovering Elvis”

Just took a visit to the site below  DISCOVERING ELVIS , here you will find lots of  information on ELVIS FACTS & SEE GREAT INTERVIEWS with PEOPLE IN THE ELVIS WORLD. BE WARNED HOWEVER THE DIRTY UNDERWORLD IE LINDA HOOD SIGMON & co have crawled their way on to the blog by commenting on Billy Stanley -Elvis Presley’s step brother whom Linda seems to bash on her site calling him dishonest. Remember this is Elvis step brother and they were close, seen as they lived in the same house for 17 years. Again we see Linda bad mouthing Elvis close circle of  friends. Linda your comments at this point are getting desperate & repeative. You and your defenders while you all seem very creative your writing skills and your rants speak for them seleves, if only you knew how foolish you are making yourseleves look. What you all write is way below par in contrast to Steven B Roberts(DISCOVERING ELVIS) , Nigel(EIN) AND (ELVISDECODED) AUTHOR Patrick Lacy.You should really at this point Linda rap up your story & FADE OUT.

Here is the link to EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Billy Stanley Talks To “Discovering Elvis”



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2 responses to “READ ALL ABOUT IT 10 “Discovering Elvis”

  1. mrshaken

    Thank you for the link and the kind words. It’s very appreciated.
    Steven B. Roberts

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